Iwana3 is nearing release!
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Iwana: Count fish, not sheep!
Are you sick and tired of all the expensive guides and non-working hacks for World of Warcraft that don't earn you any gold?

Then look no further!

Iwana is one of the, if not the best World of Warcraft fishbot currently out there.
This fishbot is 100% working, 100% safe, and most importantly, 100% free.

Using Iwana you can literally make tens of thousands of gold while you are gone from your pc. Personally I'm not an active WoW player anymore, but I've seen friends make insane amounts of gold with it.

Iwana is very easy to use, with very little to configurate. Also, Iwana has a feature that logs you off when a GM or other person talks to you.

Instead of using dangrous methods like memory reading and injection, Iwana behaves like a natural person; it 'looks' at the screen like you do, and uses the mouse to accomplish it's results, which are catching fish, insane amounts of them.

Previous versions of Iwana have existed for nearly three years, and I honestly have _never_ read a message about someone getting banned for using this bot.

If you love Iwana, and want to support future versions, buy me a drink.
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