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Keep reading » Call for help: We need you! - Back in 2011, when Skyrim was released, I was looking for a website that would let you mess around with the perks. After realising that such a website did not yet exist, I decided to start one myself.

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Why did the Khajiit join his friends in drinking Skooma?

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This deadly assassin lives in the woods of valenwood she/he is never seen nor heard by anyone nor has anyone lived to tell. the willow wood hunter is a predator they are precise with their aim and they think before they act. (created the rest of the story by building off one another by commenting)

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On Arsia
Amazing I tried the dark crusader character and it was the most fun I ever had on skyrim

Hope you like the build first of many

When I make my builds I plan on making everyday gameplay and giving it a history, motivation, and a little extra catch or two to make it interesting. Btw thanks for the comment! emoticon each one counts BIG TIME in my book!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

I already do the "sell all the crap I found in the dungeon" in all my other playthroughs but this is very interesting...

Great build! Congrats on making it to Featured Ammy!!!