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Keep reading » Call for help: We need you! - Back in 2011, when Skyrim was released, I was looking for a website that would let you mess around with the perks. After realising that such a website did not yet exist, I decided to start one myself.

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How many characters have you leveled over 20?

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i am the creator of this set, its my personal variant of the mason kingslayer's, its more oriented for spell but not use archery and alchemy, this perks are also used in illusion and Recovery to have the famous necromage perk.

yep i agree.

Sorry about that haha, years of the texting does that to a man haha. And an errancar is usually someone who does their job under the guise of stealth. Hints the thalmor hidnap people in the night. Thx for the feed back bro.

i think he should use Alchemy

tried allowing an adblock exception to site, and the formatting gets completely messed up. just paid my bills today, will donate soon. putting it in my phone.

That would be really kind of you, no pressure though!